Our Story


Founded in 2009 Vintry Wine & Whiskey offers an intimate setting for the enjoyment of great wines, hand-crafted cocktails, whiskeys from around the world and craft beer. After years of delivering award winning wine at their flagship restaurant Harry's Café & Steak, Vintry provides an outlet for a Poulakakos family specialty — great wines, especially old world producers, at exceptional values. Inspired by his family's passion for wine as well as his own travels throughout the European wine regions, Peter Poulakakos's venture combines 50 years of selective purchasing experience with the warm environment of a speak easy on Stone Street.

The marriage of wine and whiskey in one concept was derived from the artisan nature of both beverages. For both wines and whiskies, the intricate flavors of the beverage are determined by the earth, barreled aging process, and fermentation.  Experienced wine connoisseurs will delight in Vintry's deep and extensive wine list that showcases boutique growers and producers from the most prestigious old world wine regions. The Poulakakos family's wine cellar brings the opportunity for wine lovers to taste or enjoy bottles rarely seen in a by the glass format.

Vintry offers 55 wines by the taste, glass, or bottle, with an additional reserve list with a focus on Burgundy. Scottish, American, Japanese, Canadian and Irish Whiskies make up Vintry's superior whiskey selection. Craft cocktails and wine selections are curated by partner Ivan Mitankin.